Working in the animal sector

Since 2001, Assisi is the agency to register with if you are looking for a job in the animal sector.

Both permanent and temporary, full-time or part-time. Most candidates are veterinary-trained, but a veterinary education is not required for you to respond. Perhaps you have gained field experience in a completely different sector, but would like to use your sales talent in the animal sector.


Assisi hardly ever has jobs in animal care (for instance zoos). We do not provide internships, but we can give you tips. Staffing services for veterinary surgeons and paraveterinarians who would like to work in the practice are not part of Assisi's services. If you have ambitions to work outside the practice, Assisi is the right partner for you for all kinds of jobs in the animal sector.


Examples of permanent or temporary jobs:

  • Veterinary surgeon jobs outside the practice such as technical or product manager if you have additional competences and education;
  • Paraveterinarians for permanent and temporary (part-time) jobs outside the practice, for instance at a claim department;
  • Veterinary students, HAS students, Van Hall students, paraveterinarians for part-time jobs such as giving advice on nutrition;
  • Rayon managers/account managers/field representatives;
  • Merchandisers;
  • Management and marketing jobs such as customer care;
  • Secretarial and administrative jobs.