Temporary staff

Do you have a product introduction, hiring freeze or is someone going on pregnancy leave? Is your product seasonal and does this create a peak in support for, for instance, field representatives? Or do you wish to deploy a mystery shopper? Or does your organization have insufficient work for a permanent job? With a varied range of more than 2000 registered candidates, Assisi can help you quickly. We may, for instance, deploy a freelance veterinary surgeon, but also marketeers, secretaries and back office staff with experience and interest in the animal sector.
Assisi also frequently deploys veterinary-trained (trade fair) staff, such as paraveterinarians, for consultancy work (ISA) in, for instance, the pet store channel. Examples are giving advice on nutrition or performing, for instance, water tests. These professionals transfer their knowledge in an advisory manner to the staff and/or their (potential) customers in the store. Some professionals have worked for the same client for more than five years in this way.

The advantage is that a number of our clients deploy these Assisi employees, partly trained by themselves, to relieve the burden on their own permanent staff. They can give (store) training courses in the evenings or in the weekends, for instance. Eventually it is just like this employee is your own staff member, only this brand ambassador is on Assisi's payroll and you can deploy this employee as needed without worries or risks, during trade fairs or anytime you want.

There are plenty of other advantages of temporary staff: flexibility, risk spreading, adequately qualified staff, only pay when there is work, extended trial period, no paperwork (registration, contract, remuneration, worksheets, annual statement), no employer risks in case of illness, no worries about timely and correct payment of all premiums to the tax authorities, distribution of costs compared to immediate permanent employment, no recruitment costs, pension plan after 26 weeks, convenience!

"With Assisi, 'what you see is what you get'. A hard-working team with passion for and knowledge about their field. They are always ready for you with their personal attention."
Mona de Vries
paraveterinarian, nutritionist and coach for various projects since 2006

"A big thanks for the collaboration. I must say that I have never arranged a job so quickly, at such a short notice, and with the paperwork being taken care of so well too. My compliments to you!! I hope to hear more from you..."

Jelle de Ruijter
Animal Sciences Student, Wageningen
Dibevo trade fair for Tetra