Examples of veterinary projects

Assisi has recently organized the further education courses for a leading pharmaceutical company. Target group: paraveterinarians, subject: 'Effective communication in the veterinary practice'.

Organization of European Veterinary Dental Society (EVDS) Congress in the Netherlands.

Foundation of and holding offices in the Dutch Association for Veterinary Practice Management (www.v-p-m.nl) for 11 years.

For one of the largest medicinal manufacturers of dog and cat food in the world, Assisi has supervised a pilot for two years. For a service loyalty program, complete localization from the Spanish to the Dutch market was realized. For this project Assisi recruited a team of paraveterinarians. They logged onto the feed manufacturer's server from home using laptops rented by Assisi. They downloaded practice cases of animals whose owners required extra attention according to the veterinary surgeon. The paraveterinarians called these clients a number of times on behalf of the veterinary practice and our client to convince them of medicinal feed. In this way, they created loyalty. Assisi took care of the overall planning, organization and reporting of the whole project.

Together with the client, Assisi developed and set up 'Pup Start' for the Belgian market. Furthermore, Assisi organized the lectures to veterinary practices about how to set up such a service program in the practice.

"For us, Assisi is a great partner to work with. They are always ready for you and have a wide range of expertise..."
Wessel Nies
Sales Manager The Netherlands
Novartis Consumer Health B.V.