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Assisi has the rights of use of the Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) of Thomas International and is certified to analyze the PPAs. This assessment method maps behavorial qualities of a person in the work place.

The PPA is an affordable method that objectively maps current work behavior. It also provides insight into the way in which an individual employee can be managed best/management style.

The PPAs that are taken online, and require no more than 10 minutes, serve as a basis for the Thomas Team Analysis (TTA).The TTA is an ideal method

to assess the current team culture and everyone's role therein.


The PPA and TTA are ideal tools that can be used for both individuals and teams for:

  • candidate selection;
  • improving collaboration;
  • creating teams;
  • team functioning;
  • improving results of underperforming employees;
  • internal conflicts;
  • resistance to change;
  • merge/takeover;
  • how employees can be managed best/management style;
  • support for conducting objective assessment and performance interviews.

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