Assisi's strength

Assisi derives its name from Francis of Assisi. 4 October, his name day, is World Animal Day. Francis was a holist: he saw men, animals and nature as one whole. He trusted the power of simplicity.


In its services, Assisi adheres to the same principle: we can survey the total playing field in which entrepreneurs are operating, and offer clear solutions. Simple. That is our strength. And that is our promise to you!


We believe that you should do what you are good at. Our strength is to assess people's qualities and to use these qualities in the right place. We are doing this in a sector where, because of our DNA, we work with passion, our mission being that expertise, simplicity and attention will contribute to your core business and to responsible animal ownership!


Our professional, enthusiastic and dedicated team with more than 12 years' experience and competences including organization, communication, marketing, PR and recruitment & selection (HRM) is passionately committed to serving you!