To assess your registration request for a (part-time) job in the animal sector, we would like to receive the following information by email:

Curriculum vitae (as an attachment) without picture, preferably as a Word file

Covering letter including:

  • The type of job/sector you are looking for;
  • A clear motivation why;
  • Your preferences such as: full-time, part-time, region, et cetera;
  • Separate digital (passport) photograph for internal use.

You can send this information to


We will email you an acknowledgement of receipt and will let you know as soon as possible whether we will register you. When you are registered, we may actively approach you for a job.

Some jobs are also on this website. If you are interested in a specific job, please let us know.

The easiest way is to send an email. If there is a potential match, we will disclose the client.

We may use the Thomas International assessment method. Since all contacts go through Assisi, only limited information can be found on our website.