Flex Sales Force

Most products do not sell itself! Attention and, above all, explanation of your product at the Point of Sale is definitely now a condition to achieve your goals. For some companies is hiring a representative, salesman, account manager or whatever you want to call it but for some reason, you're not attainable. Reasons may include: The step to adopt someone is financially too big; the Netherlands is for your current EMT too bulky, but is too small for two permanent employees;  a product introduction that asks temporary Salesforce/CRM; The desire to create market share in another channel within the animal industry.

Are you looking for flexible Sales Force with full knowledge of the facts, which in a way that you have in mind showcases your products? Let us hear your wishes. One day someone for you alone? Or should it also be someone with multiple products on step. Of course concern the then no competitors of you and is the approach purely to be able to share the costs. Each level has a different price tag, we gladly inform you about it! 

The benefits for you:

Not on the payroll;
Flexible according to purchase hours/days (from 1 day);
No administration, payments and more;
No risk in terms of absenteeism;
No lease car;
Up to a few days notice period;
Efficiency, sustainability.