Field marketing

In the fieldmarketing projects in Assisi's portfolio, the synergy of both services (project organization and staffing services) is very noticeable. Our SEU-trained office staff deploy professional brand ambassadors to improve the visibility of your product at the location where it is offered.

Within Assisi, In-Store Promotion (ISP) is called In-Store Advising (ISA) when we only deploy people with extensive knowledge of, for instance, nutrition, aquatics, breeds, et cetera, such as veterinary students and paraveterinarians.ISA has become our specialism in the past 12 years!

By.for instance, performing water tests or giving advice on nutrition, these professionals not only 
offer additional expertise and enhance the shopping experience, but actually provide additional 
sales capacity on the shop floor.
Collaboration is a must. Thanks to our extensive network in the sector, we are therefore good at bringing parties together that complement one another allowing them to split the costs. Especially 
in these times, it is essential to get the consumer into the store, to be distinctive and to seize opportunities.
Assisi is also the right partner for you for merchandisers, trade fair staff and mystery calling & mystery shoppers.