Examples of projects in the pet store channel
Assisi has offered training courses for years. Pet department employees do these courses at the client's head office or on the shop floor. The subjects may be technical, such as nutrition or effective parasite control in dogs, cats, rabbits and rodents. But also how to give an in-store workshop aimed at children about, for instance, buying a young pet, to enhance the shopping experience.

Collaboration is a must. Therefore we are good at bringing parties together that complement one another, allowing them to split the costs. Especially in these times, it is essential to get the consumer into the store, to be dinstinctive and to seize opportunities.
Example projects are:

  • Advice on leading brand merchandising to various animal feed manufacturers;
  • In-store training courses for the employees of a chain with 250 stores;
  • Coaching various managers in the field;
  • Organization of complete Week of the Pet 2002 through 2006;
  • Training courses at the head office for own employees to perform specialist health checks      with regard to various subjects such as nutrition and effective flea control.

"A no-nonsense attitude and custom-made quality, that is what Assisi stands for..."

Marc Janssen 
Sales manager Nutro NATURAL Choice 
Mars The Netherlands